Desktop and Mobile Equipment Software Solutions

Mobile Software Solutions for Equipment Service

Field service companies trust Prism VS’s equipment service management software.

User-friendly, comprehensive solutions built with specific delivery industry workflows:

Operations, tracking, and accounting – all in one system.

visibility feature     Visibility

    Interactive display and graphical dispatch board enable complete visibility into business operations.

Tracking feature    Tracking

    Tracking vehicles' location and drivers' work time with the MiniMate™mobile application. 

integration feature  Integration

    Easily synchronizing the accounting software to Prism VS's solutions via Order Connector.

Mobility feature     Mobility

    Mobile software for performing specific business tasks outside the office and in the field.

real-time data    Real-Time Data

    Providing field employees with up-to-the-minute information about any changes.

Reporting feature  Reporting

    Collecting daily, monthly, and historical data of the company's activity to make better business decisions.

scheduling feature     Scheduling

    Planning daily work and scheduling service by taking into account the company's priority.

dispatching feature    Dispatching

    Navigate the right technicians to every customer and empower them with the necessary information.

route optimization feature  Route Optimization

    Minimize business expenses by reducing time on the road and completing more tasks.

inventory control feature     Inventory Control

    Control your inventory level by keep tracking of every item you buy and sell. Receive real-time inventory valuation.

warehouse management feature    Warehouse

    Optimize your warehouse functionality with end-to-end-tracking from item creation through to its sale.

invoicing feature  Invoicing

    Streamline your invoicing process from creating personalized invoices to getting payments.

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