Equipment Service

computerized solutions for equipment service companies


  • Optimized Scheduling and Visual Dispatching
  • Route Optimization and Bing Maps
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Centers
  • Warehouse Management and Equipment Control
  • Barcode Scanning and Lot Tracking
  • Online Request for Equipment Service
  • Customer Specific Price Management
  • Mobile Android App and End to End ERP
  • AutoPay CC Payment Collection
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery
  • Onsite Signature Capturing
  • Data History and Customized Reporting
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Software Overview

Equipment Management Equipment Management

    Properly organizing equipment in your inventory system makes the right parts available when needed. Tag items with barcodes and monitor equipment by using your smartphone. With 24/7 access to your safely stored inventory information from anywhere and any device enables continuous tracking of your equipment level and prevents “out-of-stock” situations.

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Deliver to your customers' equipment they need when they need it. Set up accurate equipment service schedules and, as an alternative, provide your customers with the versatility to contact through the call center when they need your service. Redeploy your company's valuable human resources to other revenue-generating pursuits by creating optimized work orders.

route management software Route Optimization

    Achieve better results with automated and configurable route accounting software. Create optimized routes for your service technicians, and they will always be timely at points where and when your customers need your service. Visit more clients in fewer miles by eliminating ineffective itineraries such as unnecessary backtracking and driving in circles.

dispatching  feature Dispatching

    Maximize your technicians' operational efficiency through automation. Equip your service technicians with work orders’ details, customer information, optimized routes, and turn-by-turn directions. Automate dispatching and tracking processes, have real-time insight in-the-field technicians’ activity with personalized visual dashboards and feedback.

CRM Management Feature CRM Management

    By consolidating customer relationship and marketing management into a single, digital solution, you will have a highly attractive system that makes closing deals much easier and strengthens your sales. Enable the introduction of new services quickly. Monitor and analyze new leads and motivate existing customers to expand their relationship with you.

Mobile app Mobility

    Start to use the advantages of digital technology, automation, and real-time processes. Equip your service technicians with the MiniMateTM Android app that has a standalone database and easily binds with the Bing Maps and back-office system. With MiniMateTM, your equipment service technicians will be able to serve customers, even without the Internet connection.

Payments Processing feature Payments Processing

    Embrace digital innovations with confidence. Securely and quickly process check, credit card, and ACH payments with Prism VS’s PCI compliant system. Control incoming customers’ payments and improve collecting them by autopay scheduling and emailing with outstanding invoices.

Web Solution Web Solution

    Improve your traditional ways of doing business. Add Web Customer to your website, and you will give your customers the ability to make orders for equipment service simply and quickly 24/7. Moreover, by creating secure online accounts for technicians, you will provide your service team and, as a result, customers with a far less cumbersome and more effective solution.

Single ERP System Single ERP System

    Perform your business activity through innovative technologies and achieve mutual benefits for you and your customers. By integrating your accounting software with Prism VS's products, go from separate solutions with standalone databases to a single software system that provides the essential features to deliver a seamless servicing experience and accurate accountancy.

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