Use Prism Visual Software's Enterprise Resource Planning System for Managing Your Business Processes

Prism Visual Software's enterprise resource planning system
No one company can be successful without using enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as this category of business-management software covers components that support all business processes. So, if you are a newcomer in the business or you want to change your current ERP system and are looking for something new that meets the time and your business requirements, contact Prism Visual Software, Inc. For more than twenty years our company has been designing and developing software solutions that allow organizations to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from their business activities and today we can offer our comprehensive software system that has combined financial and operational management and enabled modernization of the business functionality.

Since the early days of our company formation, we have been incorporating into our products the best practices; in other words, our ERP software discovers the most effective way to perform each business process, including the reducing time–consuming tasks (training, documentation, testing, and other) and business risks. A result of the many years’ hard work of Prism's software team is a unique software system of the resource planning and business process management that includes two main parts:


MiniMate™ mobile application has developed for pre-order delivery drivers, route sales representatives and equipment service technicians to streamline their mobile operations and eliminate paper trails. This powerful application runs on smartphones, tablets and handheld devices on both Windows and Android operating systems. MiniMate™ provides a wide range of functionalities, including inventory control, asset exchanges, DOT inspections, physical count, site surveys, bar code scanning, picture attachments, payments collecting, signatures capturing, printing and emailing invoices and statements, and more. It is difficult to overestimate the role of MiniMate™ mobile application that eliminates unnecessary phone calls to the office and contributes to increasing the company's route personnel productivity.

iniMate mobile erp app
ServQuest erp desktop software


ServQuest™ desktop software package consists of modules designed to support sales, delivery and service operations; it is the intermediary between mobile operations and accounting. The main features of this flexible, easy-to-use software include equipment management, inventory control, inbound and outbound call centers, scheduling, route book, and route optimization, direct store delivery (DSD) analytics, quick service ticket, tracking tanks, truck replenishment and key performance indicator (KPI) reporting. So, ServQuest™ is designed to serve the planning (including resource planning), organizing, and reporting pre-order, route sales, delivery, and equipment service activities.