Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Companies

ERP Software System for Direct Store Delivery Companies

Prism Visual Software, Inc., a leading software provider presented on the market for more than twenty years, offers the enterprise resource planning (ERP) – a set of software solutions that help companies, especially organizations that perform pre-order delivery, route sales and/or equipment service, manage their businesses. Our ERP software system consists of individual parts that are connected to each other and seamlessly integrate with a variety of third-party accounting products, such as QuickBooks, AccountMate, and other, as to be useful ERP the software needs to be integrated with other software systems used by the company.

Our ERP system possesses the next functionalities:

  • Material and inventory management
  • Finance resource management
  • Vendor and purchase management
  • Sales and distribution management
  • Human resource management, 
  • Reporting and analysis.

The main components of the Prism Visual Software’s ERP software system are:

  • ServQuest™ - the part of ERP software - route management solution consisted of a comprehensive desktop software package that is an intermediary between mobile operations and accounting. It serves planning, organizing, and reporting via: 
    • scheduling customer servicing for pre-order, route sales, service and delivery, 
    • recurring schedules and emergency dispatch, 
    • providing a delivery and service profile for every customer address, 
    • providing customer service with or without automated scheduling, 
    • generating service work orders, 
    • dispatching technicians, 
    • checking inventory, 
    • tracking equipment,
    • supporting relationships with customers via the inbound and outbound call center,
    • maintaining contracts: warranty and service;
    • communicating wirelessly with the desktop dispatcher.

Prism Visual Software’s ERP software system
  • Prism Dispatch™ - the part of ERP software - dispatch and route map optimization software that: 
    • optimizes the routes of each day, 
    • defines particularities of the delivery timing,
    • includes daily, weekly, and monthly display options, 
    • adjusts the schedule, 
    • redistributes scheduled deliveries between drivers, 
    • organizes the dispatch board by route, driver, crew, or emergency status, 
    • generates tickets, 
    • monitors daily activities with the enabled wireless devices.

  • MiniMate™ - the part of ERP software - mobile application software developed for wireless handheld devices to be used by pre-order salespeople, route sales and delivery drivers, and equipment service technicians on the routes. It provides: 
    • real-time data, 
    • servicing anywhere with or without a data connection,
    • guiding employees with the standard operating procedures and surveys, 
    • track mobile employees, 
    • collecting mobile signatures, payments, and invoice printing.

  • Web Customer - the part of ERP software - is a special website attached to the company's main site that allows existing customers to submit new orders, download past invoices, and check their orders' statuses. 

From the day of foundation, our professional team has studied the needs and requirements of the pre-order, route sales, delivery, and equipment service companies. When we develop our software products, including the ERP system, we always take into account all requests, comments, demands, remarks, and claims of our clients. Built as a suite of integrated applications, our ERP system enables collecting, storing, managing, and interpreting data from the company's business activities. If you want your company to succeed, use Prism's ERP system that is the special category of business management software. Offered by us the ERP package is able to solve many tasks the business performs. So, your business decisions can be data-driven with our ERP software solution as it facilitates the information flowing.

In other words, our ERP system automates the most business processes from the financial data to customer orders. Moreover, ERP software can give huge improvements in the effectiveness of your business; therefore, our ERP system is used by companies from more than thirty industries.