Efficient Task Management Software for Realizing Business Projects

ServQuest and MiniMate task management software solution help employees to work in more effective way.

Our smart task management software system that consists of the ServQuest™ desktop package and MiniMate™ mobile application is developed for creating a hierarchical task list and displaying it to company's employees in the easy and intuitive way.

ServQuest™ makes a process of creating and organizing tasks easy and faster. This our desktop software enables in a few clicks generating a task and assigning it to a corresponding team member, supplier or business partner. You are able to create as many tasks as you need and view them by the project, department, team member, status and more. Detailed information about the project progress with the proof such as calendars, images, files, videos and other allows to quickly see the completed part (percentage) of any task.

Using ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ – desktop and mobile applications that are integrated parts of our task management software solution enable:

  • Task and subtask management. 
  • Planning and scheduling. 
  • Interactive charts.
  • Inventory management. 
  • Employee working time tracking. 
  • Visual dashboards and summarized reports. 
  • Adding the due dates to employee calendar. 
  • Sharing customer data such as contact information, preferred time, and others. 
  • Cross-team collaboration via the real-time group chats for more effective work. 
  • Access to the real-time data from anywhere with the MiniMate™ mobile application. 
  • Real-time task and project status updates 
  • File (emails, images, charts, contextual documents and other) attachment and management. 
  • Alerts of the emergency situations and important notifications.
  • Automatically updating the last-minute tasks and changes and dispatching them to the Android devices 
  • Proofing of the project progress and approvals of the completed tasks. 
  • Monitoring progress to know that everything is under the project manager's control.
  • Expenses control to be sure that business costs are within the approved project budget. 
  • Managing employees, vendors and customers permissions to secure information and prevent different conflicts. 
  • Integration with other Prism’s software solutions and computer programs used by companies for managing and controlling their business processes. 
  • Easy customization to the company’s special business necessaries. 
  • Training and support without any fee during the implementation phase; after that, we offer additional consultations on an hourly or project-based fee and support service plans on an annual basis.