Prism Visual Software's Web Customer App

Web store shopping cart

Requirements for Online Store installation:

       1. Microsoft Server OS 2008+

       2. Operative memory 8Gb+

       3. Harddrive size 50Gb+

Web Store implements to payment systems:

       1. Authorize Net

       2. CardConnect

       3. Pay Trace

Sell in More Ways
Get the First Sale Fast
Business Without Fees
You do not know how to increase your in-store or route sales. We offer a new way of connecting with your current clients and potential customers. Add Web Customer to your website and start online sales.

Web Customer doesn’t require the installation of additional software and doesn’t affect your website design. Your new online store will have a perfect look on any device: desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

You will have your own web store. It means no paid plans, no monthly fees, no payments per transaction, and other charges. Web Customer is a way to run, grow, and simplify your business.

  No Overselling
 Easy Inventory Management
 Customer Satisfaction
Your online, route, and in-store sales will be in sync.

Inventory is synchronized across all your sales channels all times.

Customers will be able to make orders and track them anytime from anywhere.