Web Customer Online Store for Building and Managing e-Commerce Businesses

Web Customer web store

Web Customer Management:

       • Track inventory

       • Accept payments

       • Create unlimited product list

       • Add product description and multiple images

       • Control quantity limits per product

       • Manage customers’ contact information

       • Define shipping options

       • Process and ship orders

       • Have control over customer orders

       • Get detailed reports

       • Analyze your business efficiency

Customer buying experience:

  • Multi-device online shopping.
  • Making purchases at any time 24/7. 
  • The secure registration process and advanced navigation. 
  • Detailed product description with multiple images. 
  • Search products by categories, types, previous orders, special offers, keywords, and more. 
  • Easy check-out and secure payments. 
  • Notifications about order status and order tracking. 
  • Print invoices and orders. 
  • Cancel orders and re-order from previous orders. 
  • Easily contact the support team.

Company's benefits:

  • Seamless integration into existing business processes.
  • Ability to sell physical, digital, or service-type products.
  • Providing more information about products and services.
  • Increased number of customers.
  • More sales channels and completed deals.
  • Greater sales coverage and customer accessibility.
  • Improved communications channels.
  • Taking orders during non-business hours.
  • Reduced business overhead and operating costs.
  • Smarter decisions with business performance metrics.
  • Increased revenue.