Web Customer Application

Web Customer

Add Web Customer to your website and easily manage your online store:

  • Track inventory. 
  • Set product options. 
  • Organize your products by type, category, season, sale, and more. 
  • Add multiple images for your products. 
  • Optimize product pages for search engines. 
  • Accept credit cards and payment methods.
  • Manage orders, payments, and shipping anywhere you go. 
  • Be always informed about the status of products, orders, shipments, and payments.
  • Manage customer contact information. 
  • Define shipping options and process customer orders. 
  • Offer discounts and promotional pricing. 
  • Get detailed reports about sales, shipped orders, delivered orders, received payments, delivered orders, refunds, and others. 
  • Collect order histories. 
  • Analyze your business performance.

Requirements for Installation:

       1. Microsoft Server OS 2008+

      2. Operative memory 8Gb+

      3. Harddrive size 50Gb+

Implements to Payment Systems:

     1. Authorize Net

     2. CardConnect

     3. Pay Trace