Easy, Flexible, and Powerful Scheduling Software Solution

Prism offers powerful scheduling software.

Scheduling is one of the key components of business management that plays a significant role in balancing the company's efficiency, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction. Therefore, Prism Visual Software, Inc. – a leading developer of operational software for route sales, pre-order delivery, and equipment service – offers its clients sophisticated, reliable, and comprehensive scheduling software that is included in our ServQuest™ package that is the intermediary between mobile operations and accounting.

In the developing of the scheduling system, Prism Visual Software, Inc. is guided by three basic principles:

  • ease of use,
  • flexibility to clients requirements,
  • powerful algorithms.

As an electronic route book, ServQuest™ allows scheduling our clients’ business activities such as route sales, pre-order, delivery, and equipment service. With our scheduling solution they can create a delivery/service profile for each of their customer's addresses, support route sales representatives for increasing sales, troubleshoot potential equipment problems and provide customer service with or without automated scheduling. Both automatic and manual scheduling adjustments can be made with simple actions.

ServQuest™ has customizable and colorful tables for tracking the forecasted deliveries and sales and scheduling effectiveness. Now, scheduling your pre-order deliveries or route sales activities can be made at the optimal time, facilitating the dispatchers or sales managers’ daily activities without losing sight any business needs.

With our ServQuest™, you have everything you need for scheduling your business processing. We offer you a software solution that provides full control over all scheduling parameters and their configurations because we understand how flexibility is important when dealing with complex, and even conflicting, requirements or/and when the company's business needs change over time. Our scheduling tool allows your staff to easily adjust the scheduling and optimization of both route sales and deliveries as business needs any change for full-time workers as well as for flexible or hourly staff.

Offered by us scheduling software enables your workforce to do more with less. It is possible through our set of unique scheduling algorithms that enable the distribution of your business resources optimally during the day, weeks, or/and months. ServQuest™ can create the schedule by taking into account any available flexibility of how much drivers, equipment technicians, and route sales agents can work. As a result, the company has the ability to schedule business activities considered with the company's workload over the given period such as day, week, month, etc.

ServQuest™ scheduling software