Direct Store Delivery Software Solution for Pre-Order, Route Sales and Equipment Service Companies

Direct Store Delivery Software System for Field Service

Direct store delivery (DSD) is an alternative to traditional wholesaler and distributor networks method of selling and distributing products from suppliers or distributors directly to the retail stores or customers. Omitting retailers distribution centers are used by a wide range of industries, especially for high consumer demand and fast-turning merchandise such as food and beverage, products of home and personal care, oil and gas, service industries.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a leading provider of the direct-to-store delivery solution on the market; therefore, has a big amount of clients from more than twenty different companies that perform the pre-order delivery, route sales or equipment service. Both retailers and their customers have benefits from our DSD system: customers receive fresh merchandise they need at the right time, vendors – reducing labor costs. Moreover, our direct store delivery solution gives vendors more control in goods display and stocking.

For more than twenty years, our professional team has studied the requirements and needs of the companies providing direct store delivery, now we offer our clients a unique solution. Provided by us the direct-to-store delivery solution based on the state-of-the-art technology enables retailers to optimize the delivery of the direct product from manufacturers and vendors to directly the retail stores and customers.

Our DSD solution includes:

Prism Visual Software's DSD software

Each constituent of our direct store delivery system performs a specific task:

  • ServQuest™ desktop application is used by managers, salespeople, and accountant for management;
  • Prism Dispatch™ desktop app is used by operators and salespeople for dispatch management (including Call Center), route optimization, and order tracking;
  • MiniMate™ mobile application (available for Android tablets or smartphones) is used by drivers for pre-sales, delivery, and equipment service.

Developed by our professional team direct store delivery solution is integrated with the most popular accounting programs such as QuickBooks, AccountMate, SAP, and other via our Order Connector, SQL stored procedures that synchronize the Prism Visual Software’s desktop modules with above-mentioned backend accounting systems.

The main benefits of using our direct store delivery solution

Main benefits of using Prism VS's direct store delivery solution include:

  • ability to make an analysis and adjustment in the real-time
  • ensuring timely delivery and accurate billing
  • optimizing pricing, promotions, and sales
  • accurate tracking and optimizing the inventory levels
  • reducing out-of-stocks and days sales outstanding
  • identifying the dynamic of seasonality and supply chain

Start to use Prism Visual Software's DSD solution if you want to:

  gasoline consumption     saving resources     scheduling process     inventory management 
  driving mileage     deliveries    dispatching    fleet management  
  delivery time     customer satisfaction    delivery routes    work time monitoring  
  calls to the office     drivers’ productivity    creating work orders    data accuracy 
  number of accidents     drivers’ safety    invoicing    stuff productivity  
  manual paperwork     data accuracy     specific pricing    customer service 
  overall expenses    revenue    receiving payments    company’s efficiency 

For more information about Prism Visual Software's direct store delivery solution, contact us at 516-944-5920 or via e-mail.

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