DSD Program for Direct Store Delivery Companies

DSD program

Prism VS’s computerized DSD program enables:

• Saving money on:

  • gasoline – via driving on optimized routes with the minimum distance between destinations; 
  • overtime – via efficient planning the drivers’ workday; 
  • driver errors – via using the turn-to-turn driving instruction and eliminating manual data entry; 
  • vehicle maintenance and repair – via reducing vehicle wear because of minimizing car mileage; o car insurance – via decreasing car accidence; 
  • storage costs – by eliminating storing too much product at once; 
  • labor costs – by automating and optimizing the most business processes such as:
    • inventory management, 
    • planning employees’ workday, 
    • scheduling customer service, 
    • creating optimized delivery routes, 
    • dispatching delivery drivers, 
    • monitoring work orders’ status, and many others.

• Mobile and online invoicing:

  • creating invoices from anywhere with the MiniMate™ mobile app; 
  • adding invoice due dates and customizing invoice payment term; 
  • automatically calculating promotions and discounts; 
  • automatically calculating taxes; 
  • choosing the preferred currency; 
  • adding tracked time and expenses to invoices; 
  • accepting credit and debit cards on invoices; 
  • requesting a deposit of the invoice; 
  • collecting payments for overdue invoices; 
  • capturing signatures and generating receipts; 
  • emailing and printing invoices on mobile printers; 
  • receiving email alerts for payment; 
  • integration with accounting software.
DSD computerized solutions

Do you need a software system for managing direct store delivery (DSD)?

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers ServQuest™ route management, Prism Dispatch™ visual dispatching and route map optimization, and MiniMate™ mobile software that can work together by engaging with each other via Order Connector ERP system that helps distributors create strong connections with customers. Our DSD programs are recognized and widely used by companies from a large variety of industries, especially companies delivering perishable foods and high-demand merchandise.