DSD – Direct Store Delivery – Software

DSD – Direct Store Delivery – Mobile Software System

If you are in the direct store delivery (DSD) industry for years, you know that it is enough difficult to get ahead. For the last few years, this business has gotten new features and technologies. Therefore, to be competitive you should use these technologies and even more in your company. How long can your business be inefficient? How long can your company work with outdated or manual systems of operations? Prism Visual Software, Inc. has deep expertise in the DSD industry and understands its unique requirements challenges. After years of studying DSD companies' needs, we have designed and provide a modern suite of DSD software solutions.

As one of the leading DSD software providers, we are always committed to keeping our software products in-step with the DSD industry and our clients’ requirements. We offer a flexible and scalable DSD software solution for desktop and mobile devices built on modern technologies.

Prism Visual Software’s complex system includes:

  • ServQuest™ - desktop route management software package
  • Prism Dispatch™ - desktop dispatch and route map optimization software package
  • MiniMate™ - a mobile software application for handheld devices
  • Order Connector - a synchronizer for integrating Prism Visual Software’s route accounting software with the most popular accounting software such as AccountMate, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP, and others.

Today, providing DSD is impossible without using handheld devices. Mobile DSD solutions empower delivery employees by providing the visibility of information and flexibility of operations. Our MiniMate™ enables access to the data in real-time that provides greater swiftness and performance.

With our DSD software, you will be able to easily have access to:

  • inventory access
  • product availability
  • order status
  • returns
  • customer order history
  • schedule of deliveries
  • optimized routes for deliveries
  • drivers location 
  • selling prices
  • drivers’ tickets and other

Our company is present on the market for more than twenty years. For these years we have built a sound reputation as a trusted software provider. We always deliver our clients what we promise. Contact us, and we will show you the route to success.

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