MiniMate™ Features: Data Shredding

Routing Features “In the Office”

Routing Features“ On the Road”

maintain shred routes

STEP 1: Maintain Shred Routes


STEP 1: Shredder's Workday

  • All bins/containers onsite.
  • Indicators for:
    • Onsite/offsite shredding 
    • Billing method: time, weight, container size 
    • Tiered billing option 
    • Surcharge fees 
  • Shredder(s) for this route. 
  • Route numbers. 
  • Stop sequence numbers. 
  • Temporary routes for last-minute changes. 
  • Schedules with defined route days for shredding to take place or customer will call option. 
  • Up to 24 fields (user choice) to track data. 
  • Review the shredder's workload each day. 
  • Allow a crew to shred the same stop. 
  • Coordinate the crew's workload of the same stop. 
  • Maintain control of all inventory (bins) at the stop by bar code number.

  • Load all customers of the shredder.
  • Load all bins/containers on the truck for delivery.
  • Route stops for the day.
  • Shredder may change the stop sequence order.
  • Shred off-route customers. 
  • Record notes of stop for management. 
  • Scan each bin. 
  • Allow for delivery, pickup, emptying and passing of each bin at the site. 
  • Collect approximate weight per bin (optional). 
  • Enforce the bin count on-site. 
  • View history (last four shreds). 
  • View previous balance and aging. 
  • View instructions and directions. 
  • View a one-time note for a stop. 
  • Allow a recycler invoice to be created.

creating daily routes

STEP 2: Generate Daily Routes


STEP 2: Payment and Finance Sale

  • Generate shred routes for the day/week.

  • Collect money (cash, check, or credit card). 
  • Capture signature to proof of visit. 
  • Print a certificate of destruction on-site.

STEP 3: Load Sales Person's PDA


STEP 3: End of Day Procedures

  • Prepare all data for loading to the PDA.

  • Reconcile shred work and cash.
  • Report on shredder's productivity.
  • Collect technician's start and stop times.
  • Attended or unattended synch options via serial cradle, modem or wireless.
  • Load invoices into accounting software.

STEP 4: Upload Sales from PDA


  • Upload the invoices and certificates of destruction.