Driving Route Software for Planning Optimized Routes and Scheduling

Prism Visual Software's driving route planner.

For companies performing route sales, delivery, and equipment service, it is extremely important that their salespeople, drivers, and service technicians get all destinations in the shortest time and on the shortest way as this allows them to save business expenses on the employee working time, mileage, and gasoline. Therefore, more and more organizations start to use route optimization software that allows automating the schedules of delivery products and services and computerized route planning.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a known software company that designs and develops different software solutions for pre-order, route sales, delivery, and equipment service companies from small business to big organizations. We are in the software industry more than twenty years and are well studied such companies problems, needs, and requirements.

As a result of our long-term work, we can offer our current and potential clients:

  • comprehensive desktop software package – ServQuest™ – that is a unique route management solution, and
  • mobile application software – MiniMate™ – that is developed for smartphones, tablets, handheld devices, and printers.

A combination of our desktop and mobile route planning software helps to find the most effective (shortest and easiest) route to get to all the locations you need to deliver goods or service. Your drivers and service technicians will not drive in circles or/and make unnecessary backtracking anymore. Provided by us route planner allows optimizing your routes with the multiple stops and, as a result, helps to save your time and money. It is the best solution for delivery drivers, route sales representative, service technicians and anybody who needs to make multiple stops in his/her own or business needs.

You can use our route planner to plan a route for your single vehicle or multiple delivery vehicles/trucks. It is any restriction; you can produce the optimal route for all your available delivery vehicles and/drivers.

Moreover, MiniMate™ provides:

  • last-minute orders and changes;
  • drivers, service technicians, and route sales agents with the real-time data; the standalone database on the handheld enables working without an Internet connection;
  • automatically tracking the location and time of drivers, service technicians, and route sales agents.

Don’t spend your time; start to use our driving route planner to plan your optimized routes. You need to pass only three steps:

  1. Optimize your route on your computer.
  2. Get your optimized route on your mobile device.
  3. Travel.
Prism Visual Software's driving route planner