Prism Visual Software's MiniMate Mobile Application Features

minimate mobile app

MiniMate™ mobile application developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. is used by pre-order sellers, delivery drivers, route sales representatives, equipment service technicians, warehouse workers, and other mobile employees in the office and on the road since it provides a broad range of powerful features such as:

  • barcode reading;
  • create a customer;
  • update customer contact information;
  • pre-sale, delivery, and service;
  • equipment maintenance;
  • physical count;
  • load/unload truck;
  • get a payment;
  • print invoices;
  • print daily reports;
  • support printing on a wide range of mobile printers;
  • support Bluetooth and integrated scanners;
  • support DEX;
  • collect pictures, documents, and signatures, and others. 

In the "Office"

On the "Road"


STEP 1: Maintain the Route Book

STEP 2: Generate Daily Routes

STEP 3: Print or Load to PDA

STEP 4: Complete/Unload from PDA


STEP 1: Start of Day for Driver

STEP 2: Delivery/Service Process

STEP 3: Payment and Finalize Sale

Step 4: End of Day Procedures