Dispatching Solutions Help to Increase the Field Workforce Productivity

Use dispatching solutions to increase the workforce productivity.

If you are interested in the more organized, efficient, and profitable field service business, the software dispatch solutions offered by Prism Visual Software, Inc. are the right for you.

Prism VS's software dispatching solutions help companies to:

  • organize business,
  • reduce paperwork, 
  • automate and optimize work processes,
  • improve scheduling and dispatching, 
  • increase employees’ productivity, 
  • improve customer service efficiency.

Our comprehensive software package with Prism Dispatch™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile software dispatch solutions enables increasing company’s productivity and maximizing the number of sales and served customers via:

  • keeping the office and field employees synchronized with the help of the MiniMate™ mobile application designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices; 
  • sending work orders, job details, customers' contact information, changes in schedule, and data updates on smartphones and other mobile handheld devices used by mobile employees in the field; 
  • comparing the availability and locations of the field workforce with customer locations to plan the most efficient routes; 
  • creating optimized routes for each driver and route sales representative; 
  • using by drivers, route sales representatives, service technicians, and other mobile workers the driving instructions to customer locations with Google Maps; 
  • capturing the customers' signature via smartphone and other mobile devices at customer locations as soon as the delivery or service is done;
  •  invoicing from the field; 
  • automatic calculating promotions and discounts; 
  • creating customized price levels; 
  • setting a minimum selling price for items; 
  • collecting payments for current and overdue invoices via cash, check or credit card on the route and at customer locations; 
  • fulfilling the customer service even without the Internet connection via the standalone database on the mobile handheld device; 
  • automatically tracking field workforce location and work time; 
  • eliminating the phone calls to the office via providing the real-time data for field workers and automatically updating any changes in schedule, work orders, customer orders and other; 
  • real-time tracking the status of customer orders and work tickets;
  • reducing fuel and labor costs by spending less time on traveling.
 Prism Dispatch™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile software dispatch solutions