Dispatching Software for Field Service Companies

MiniMate mobile dispatching software.

If you own the field service company and want to:

  • organize your business; 
  • improve your planning and scheduling processes; 
  • reduce your paperwork; 
  • increase your employees’ productivity; 
  • improve your field service efficiency

the Prism Dispatch™ multi-user software system offered by our company is the right dispatching solution for your business.

The Prism Dispatch™ desktop dispatch software allows field service companies:

  • to organize your business processes in the right way; 
  • to manage and track field service your company provides; 
  • to take everything concerned with your business processes under control; 
  • to keep your business ahead in the competition.

In addition to Prism Dispatch™ desktop software package, we offer our clients our MiniMate™ mobile software solution.

MiniMate™ mobile dispatching software allows field employees to:

  • provide field service anytime anywhere; 
  • eliminate the paperwork; 
  • receive work orders details on their mobile device; 
  • generate invoices from the field; 
  • collect payments via cash, check or credit card; 
  • maximize route sales; 
  • improve customer service.

Together Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ enable connecting the Field to Office and vice versa the Office to Field.

Prism Dispatch™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile dispatching software solutions enable:

  • advanced planning and scheduling; 
  • effective work order management; 
  • workforce optimization; 
  • real-time updates; 
  • tracking the work order status; 
  • seamless integration with the accounting system, and more.

Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ can give you full visibility into your past, present, and future work.

Prism Dispatch™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile dispatching software