Prism Dispatch Software Functionality

Prism Dispatch™ Functionality

Prism Dispatch™ is a powerful and flexible desktop software package that empowers dispatchers and operators to manage field service teams' day-to-day activity efficiently.

Prism Dispatch™ is customizable to meet specific business needs and fully integrated with third-party software to create a powerful system for managing and controlling the company's business processes.

Prism Dispatch™ is a secure, trustworthy, and strong software system that can be used by small, middle, and large companies that require centralized control.

After double-clicking on an assignment, a new window opens to show the detailed problem and/or communicated notes sent from the field employees.

Prism dispatch software allows dispatchers and operators to:

  • Plan workday by taking into consideration available resources, prioritize deliveries, and employees' skills. 
  • Create and maintain schedules for delivery, route sales, equipment, and other field services. 
  • See all assignments and indicated alert status on the dispatch board. 
  • Have automatically assigning to the dispatch board generated work tickets. 
  • Optimize delivery routes with daily, weekly, and monthly options.
  • Drage scheduled delivery to another driver. 
  • Organize the dispatch board by route, driver, emergency status, or crew.
  • Track deliveries, service stops, and drivers’ work-time. 
  • Check the route distance and travel time. 
  • Recognize when a field employee finishes a task ahead of schedule. 
  • Assign a new work ticket based on closeness to job placement and/or by matching job duration to an open time slot. 
  • Personalize the system to meet the service process needs. 
  • Create reports. 
  • Collect historical data.
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