Prism Dispatch™ – Questions and Answers

 Prism Dispatch™

Prism Dispatch™ is the visual dispatching and route map optimization software with an interactive, graphical interface. 

This powerful and, at the same time, flexible software solution allows operators and dispatchers to easily schedule equipment and employees and in just of minutes create the optimal routes for delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and equipment service technicians.

Visual dispatching allows delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and equipment service technicians to see all assignments.
The RED taskbar indicates alert status.

The field employees can click and drag assignment changes.

What is Prism Dispatch™?
Prism Dispatch™ is a desktop software package with powerful functionality that enables streamlining operations and optimizing the company’s resources and, as a result, helps to take the business to the next level.

What main features does Prism Dispatch™ provide?
The main functionality provided by Prism Dispatch™ includes dispatching, route optimization, and tracking.

What companies need Prism Dispatch™?
Prism Dispatch™ is helpful for any company which business activity includes assigning workers or vehicles to customers.

What benefits of using the Prism Dispatch™ package?
Prism Dispatch™ gives users a wide range of benefits, the main of which are: makes a business more efficient and increases the company's profitability.

What industries have already use Prism Dispatch™?
Today, companies from more than thirty industries use Prism Dispatch™ in their everyday activities: equipment service, route sales, DSD, office coffee services, food distribution, third party delivery, tank exchange, bottled water, plumbing, HVAC, pest control, bread distribution, beverage dispensing, pool cleaning, home care, first aid, water treatment, paper distribution, carpet installation, and others.

Does Prism Dispatch™ integrate with third-party software?
Yes, Prism Dispatch™ easily integrates with accounting and other third-party software. Prism Visual Software has developed Order Connector that synchronizes third-party software to Prism Dispatch™ and other Prism VS’s software packages.

Can Prism Dispatch™ be customized?
Yes, Prism Visual Software provides customization of its software products to meet specific industry’s and company’s needs.