Dispatch Software Instead Manual Processing

Use dispatch software instead manual processing.

Every organization selling products or services, or both needs to deliver sold goods or services. Vehicles and delivery drivers/service technicians are some of the most important company's assets that contribute to revenue growth and, at the same time, can increase the operational expenses. Thus, optimizing the fleet and organizing the delivery process in an effective way is one of the most important keys to the business success of any company performing sales regardless of what the company sells.

For the past years, the role of software for business has grown and gained acceptance among companies regardless of their size (from small business to huge corporations) from various industries. The modern software technologies have given organizations indispensable tools such as scheduling and dispatching software that help companies to organize their everyday business activities in the right way. As a result, it is difficult to find today a company even small one, especially among business specializing in the direct delivery or field service, that doesn’t use a dispatch software system for planning, organizing and coordinating the delivery of pre-ordered and sold products and services.

Why is dispatch software so popular and commonly used? Before using computers and software systems, dispatchers needed to rely on themselves, mainly on their attentiveness and accuracy and made decisions based on their manual calculation. Manual processing not always allowed dispatchers to take into consideration all necessary information and to capture all necessary aspects related to delivery. Such a dispatching process was inaccurate and didn't give operators the ability to analyze information and quickly respond to unexpected changes and emergency calls. Computers brought vast improvements to the dispatching process.

Via computers and software, the manual routing process has been changed into the automated workflow. Scheduling and dispatching software has replaced human manual planning and decision-making with computer algorithms that consider the up to the last minute information and make decisions that are based on the full picture of the business process and that allow to maximize company’s productivity across its entire activities. Having information about the real-time condition of everything going on in the organization (first of all, about delivery locations, available vehicles, and free drivers), feedback and self-correction enable operators to choose the informed decision and optimize the delivery process.

The reduction of fuel usage and the wearing of the equipment, improving drivers' safety and increasing the amount of served customers are only a few things from the long list of results of using the dispatch software that from day to day becomes technologically innovative, feature-rich and increasingly user-friendly.

Prism Dispatch™ – the visual dispatching and route map optimization software owns all of these three characteristics and even can give its users additional benefits. It has been designed especially for companies performing delivery products, equipment services, and route sales and enables the field force to complete more stops at the customer locations with fewer resources and less overtime and quickly and professionally make deliveries and services.

Prism Dispatch - the best dispatching software solution