Digital Dispatch from the Recognized Software Provider

Digital dispatch for managing your fleet

The innovative fleet management solution from a trusty leader in the software industry.

For more than two decades, we blend our experience with delivery management technologies to bring our clients the most flexible, comprehensive, and user-friendly digital dispatch solution.

Today, we offer a digital dispatch system that includes:

Offered by us software solution provides a wide range of features for planning and scheduling, monitoring customer orders, dispatching capabilities, flexible invoicing and driver settlement, extensible work order types, comprehensive user management, business support, and integration with the accounting system.

The ability to see active orders and field workers, allows dispatchers to select the best delivery resource for each customer order based on each customer geographic location and current driver workloads. The recurring orders can be scheduled with unmatched flexibility.

Our digital dispatch system enables:

  • making the better use of company's assets;
  • the quick response time on every customer request; 
  • flexible scheduling; 
  • reducing overtime; 
  • optimizing the delivery route with multiple stops; 
  • eliminating wasteful driving with idling; 
  • reducing fuel costs and vehicle maintenance expenses; 
  • verifying the office and field workforce productivity; 
  • the connection between the office and field; 
  • synchronizing the office and field work; 
  • tracking every field employee’s location and work time; 
  • using Google Maps; 
  • real-time access to business data from any mobile device with the Internet connection; 
  • the standalone database on the handheld devices; 
  • powerful reporting; 
  • easy integration with the most used accounting software system; 
  • minimizing field service business risks; 
  • getting more done with the fewer resources; 
  • exceeding customer expectations; 
  • monitoring company's progress, and more.

Control your costs and revenue with the flexible rate charts, driver settlement options and invoicing.