The difference between CRM for Small Business and Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Used by Large Companies and Organizations

CRM for small business and large organizations' castomer relationship management software developed.

If you are the small business owner and want your business to run and grow, start to use customer relationship management (CRM) software specially developed for small business (SMB). You can ask, “What is the difference between CRM for small business and CRM designed for large organizations?”

Regardless of both types of CRM software provide three main services such as:

  • effective managing the company’s contacts,
  • creating targeted sales,
  • providing customer support,

the difference between CRM developed for not big companies and for large organizations lies in the number of the derivative functions.

CRM designed for large organizations is named Enterprise CRM and is focused on having strong features to solve the complexities of big companies. Most enterprise CRM software systems excel in automation and advanced customization. They can be sufficiently difficult to set up but are extremely powerful systems that in the large company are used by many different departments such as marketing, sales, IT, outside consultants, etc.

CRM developed for small business provides fewer features and is mainly focused on being simple and easy to use. Usually, small companies don’t have IT departments, so unlike big organizations require CRM systems that are easy to install and relatively intuitive. As a result, SMB CRM software doesn’t have as many features as Enterprise CRM because that might make a system too complex for many unless for most, small businesses.

Another big difference between enterprise CRM and CRM for small business is their prices. Enterprise customer relationship management software can have ten times higher price than the small business customer relationship management. Also, enterprise CRM requires having the on-premise server, expensive license fees, technical support and managing the infrastructure, upgrades, and security for protecting the system from internal and external threats.

Main characteristics of the SMB CRM and Enterprise CRM software:

 SMB CRM Software Enterprise CRM Software
 easy to set up  
 simple user interface  advanced and robust interface     
   effective infrastructure
 effortless automation  full automation
 visual and intuitive  visibility
   regular upgrading
 customization  flexibility and customization
 integration  integration
 adaptivity  adaptivity and scalability
 mobility  remote and mobile access          
 safety  privacy and safety   

Some features that main features of the SMB CRM and Enterprise CRM software

Some features that could be provided by the SMB CRM and Enterprise CRM software:

 SMB CRM Software     Enterprise CRM Software          
 contact management    contact management 
   account management  
   multi-channel support 
 service-level agreement (SLA) management   contract management 
 call recording   call center management  
   help desk management  
   customer interaction tracker 
   customizable self-service portal  
   sales performance management 
 scheduling  online appointment scheduling  
 email reminders, phone notifications   email reminders, phone notifications, and alerts            
   sales data management 
   product tracking 
   territory management 
   campaign management 
   referral tracking 
   quote and order management 
   document management 
   task management
 tracking communication   tracking business processes 
   workflow tools 
 third-party integration    third-party integration 
 mobile access  mobile apps 
 reporting  customized reports and dashboards 
   multi-language support 
   industry-specific modules 
   advanced analytics 
 sales history  tracking activity histories 
   opportunity management  
 security and access permissions   secure infrastructure and encryption data

Some benefits of using the CRM for small business and Enterprise CRM software:

 SMB CRM Software  Enterprise CRM Software
 single customer data location   single data location 
 real-time information   centralized real-time information 
 contact management   effective contact management 
 efficient communication    efficient communication 
 effective interaction and collaboration   effective interaction and collaboration 
   right moment customer engagement 
 consistent lead nurturing   effective lead management 
 converting leads into potential buyers   increased lead conversion rates 
 shorter sales cycles   shorter sales cycles 
   billing and invoicing  
   decreased marketing costs 
 reduced costs   minimizing costs 
 coordinating main processes impacting sales   coordinating all processes impacting sales    
 effortless automation of the sales process   automating the entire sales process 
   optimizing of the executing complex processes              
   accordingly billing 
 convenient pay-as-you-go plan   convenient pay-as-you-go plan 
 on-time customer service   on-time customer service 
   managing multiple service contracts 
   easy building the knowledge base 
   related support plans 
 improving sales process  streamlining business processes 
 focusing on important tasks   focusing on important tasks 
 making smarter decisions   making smarter decisions 
 improved productivity   improved productivity 
 improved customer experience   improved customer experience 
 increased customer retention    increased customer retention 
 increased revenue    increased revenue 
   strengthen data security 
 an overall picture of sales   a detailed overview and easy tracking 
Both types of customer relationship management – enterprise and for small business – software:
  • centralize accurate, real-time customer information such as contact info, accounts, leads, purchases history, etc.;
  • allows everyone from the company's team to use this information for the purpose to see the client behaviors, and understand their interests and needs;
  • provides more informed and intelligent interactions and allow to improve customer experience.

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