Prism Visual Software's Solutions

prism Visual Software's solutions

Prism Visual Software is a leading provider of route accounting software to manufacturers and distributors. Our company was founded in 1998 and now has customers in various industries, including beverages, food, gas, water treatment, and others.

Prism VS's route accounting software includes:

  • Office Desktop, 
  • E-commerce, 
  • Mobile Android Software

that support a welding distributor's technology needs.

Software Overview

Route Book Schedules

Route Book

  • Frequency / Day of the week

  • Driver / Sales representative / Route

  • Stop sequence

  • Delivery instructions

Next Generation Sales Order

Sales Order

  • Standing order of goods/services

  • Customer-specific pricing

  • Counts of each product

  • Sales history

Call Center

Inbound/Outbound Call Center

  • Place an order

  • Confirm a service

  • Send an e-mail

  • Set a follow Up-Date