Desktop and Mobile Software Solutions for Delivery Business

Desktop and Mobile Software Solutions

Freight forwarders trust Prism VS’s delivery management software.

User-friendly, intuitive solutions built with specific delivery industry workflows:

Operations, accounting, and tracking – all in one system.

visibility feature     Visibility

    Complete visibility into business operations with a graphical dispatch board and interactive display.

Tracking feature    Tracking

    Real-time tracking inventory movement, customer order status, vehicle location, driver work hours. 

integration feature  Integration

    Easy connection with third-party software, including commonly used accounting software systems.

Mobility feature     Mobility

    Mobile software for managing deliveries, pickups, route sales, inventory movement, and others.

real-time data    Real-Time Data

    Immediately delivered information to drivers about any changes in the schedule or work order. 

Reporting feature  Reporting

    Daily, monthly, and history reports of the company's activity to implement better control of the business.

scheduling feature     Scheduling

    Workday planning using business logic to prioritize deliveries and optimize available resources.

dispatching feature    Dispatching

    Assigning employees to vehicles and flexible management of drivers out in the field. 

route optimization feature  Route Optimization

    Creating the most cost-effective route for a determined set of stops at customer locations.

inventory control feature     Inventory Control

    Accurate control of items in the multiple warehouses empower real-time visibility into inventory level.

warehouse management feature    Warehouse

    Capabilities of multiple warehouses management, assigning warehouse identification to trucks. 

invoicing feature  Invoicing

    Simple invoicing and billing. Accepting credit cards and payment gateways and reconciling payments.

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