Software for Performing the Delivery Service Provided by Prism Visual Software

Prism's delivery service software solutions

For more than twenty years, Prism Visual Software, Inc. has been developing various software business solutions that enable companies to plan, optimize, and execute their business activities with effectiveness. By using proven technologies providing features and tools for continued growth and success, we design our applications and software systems to meet the demanding needs of each business.

Main Software Products

Any company from any industry can find helpful applications between programs developed by our professional team. In the latest years, we focus on the development of route sales, pre-order, equipment service, and delivery software solutions. With pride, we can tell that our desktop and mobile applications incorporated into three main systems - ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, and MiniMate™ - are widely used by numerous companies from more than twenty industries.

Each of our system is integrated with two other and the most popular off-the-shelf accounting software that can be synchronized by the Order Connector to ServQuest™ and/or MiniMate™ that form the unique Prism Visual Software’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system creating a single-process flow for all business functions, including delivery service.


ServQuest™ is a comprehensive desktop software package, namely the route management and direct store delivery (DSD) software. As an electronic route book, it enables scheduling for route sales as well as pre-order delivery. It provides both recurring schedules and emergency dispatch.


Especially helpful, even more – indispensable for delivery drivers and service technicians is our MiniMate™ - the award-winning wireless mobile software for ServQuest™ package. Our mobile application for handheld devices supplies drivers with the route plan, truckload, delivery information, and sales tools. It also enables: collecting payments, capturing signatures, printing invoices, controlling inventory, barcode scanning, and others. MiniMate™ runs on handheld devices, smartphones, and tablets on both Windows and Android operating systems.

Prism Dispatch™

Prism Dispatch™ is dispatching and route map optimization software that enables the quickest drive time, saving fuel, and increasing route capacity.

All three packages - ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, and MiniMate™ - create our software solution for the delivery service that meets the time-sensitive needs of the delivery business.

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