Prism VS's Routing Software (9 Main Positive Results)

delivery routing software solution

Are you looking for tools that can help your drivers to provide delivery faster and easier?

Our easy-to-use and, at the same time, powerful delivery routing software system is the best solution for you as it helps to plan delivery routes quickly and efficiently.

Instantly start using Prism VS’s delivery routing software system if you need to:

  • Strengthen visibility and control.

Our software system provides features enabling: o keep tracking the customer orders status, work orders status, drivers location and work time, and other: o confirming the status of customer orders delivery; o making decisions based on real-time data.

  • Save time and money.

The functionality of our software system enables automating such complex processes as delivery schedules, route map optimization, dispatching, controlling the work order fulfillment, and others. Thus, using our route planning software allows optimizing and increasing productivity not only for mobile workers but office staff too.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

Accurate delivery routes make it possible to know exact arrival times. Fewer delays in delivery, higher customer satisfaction.

9 Main positive results of using Prism VS’s delivery routing software system:

  • 1. Fewer miles via driving to customer locations along the optimized routes; 
  • 2. Fuel savings owing to reducing idling and unnecessary stops, driving along the direct routes with more miles per gallon (mpg), and less unauthorized usage; 
  • 3. Decreasing labor costs by reducing overtime;
  • 4. Improving communication with mobile workers by using MiniMate™ mobile application
  • 5. Increasing staff productivity by reducing the downtime owing to efficient scheduling, creating optimized routes, and distributing the work tasks based on employees' skills and experience; 
  • 6. Enhancing drivers security and safety via real-time monitoring, using integrated GPS, traffic alerts, and more;
  • 7. Improving payments and cash flow by collecting payments via cash, check, or credit card at customer locations
  • 8. Improving customer service by responding more effectively to last-minute changes and emergencies;
  • 9. Increasing the company's revenue by automating business processes, reducing business costs, and increasing staff productivity. Help your team to be productive.
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