Delivery Route Planner App for Better Customer Service

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers you the all-in-one routing solution that allows companies to plan, optimize, and realize the most effective delivery routes.

Our routing solution includes:

Some main benefits of using PrismVS’s delivery route planner app and desktop software:

  • automating and optimizing the planning, scheduling, dispatching, monitoring, tracking, and reporting processes; 
  • synchronizing data with contact management and order management systems; 
  • creating an efficient schedule instantly by setting preferences such as customer priority, time windows, driver work hours, load size, and other; 
  • defining optimized delivery routes based on preferences and constraints; 
  • dispatching created schedules and delivery routes to drivers; 
  • visual dispatching, including data visualization on the maps; 
  • providing drivers with the turn-by-turn direction to the customer location; 
  • avoiding day-of delays due to traffic, weather, order cancellations, full loading docks, driver absence or busyness, and other events; 
  • immediately adjusting routes to minimize delays via recognizing the last minute changes in schedule and other circumstances; 
  • maximizing the fleet utilization; 
  • decreasing the driving mileage; 
  • tracking drivers’ location and time; 
  • providing the paperless practice; 
  • increasing drivers’ efficiency; 
  • reducing expenses spent on delivery; 
  • reducing late deliveries; 
  • improving customer service; 
  • providing customers with information about expected delivery time and informing them in case of the routes change; 
  • increasing customer satisfaction; 
  • serving more customers with fewer resources;
  • collecting historical data that can be extracted at any time for analysis; 
  • generating powerful reports for each record type; 

PrismVS’s delivery route planner app
  • integration with accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), point-to-sales (POS) and other software systems; 
  • learning from the fleet and customer behavior to provide a better service; 
  • getting more customers via increased recognition; 
  • increasing the company’s revenue.