Customer Service Software for Companies Providing Route Sales, Pre-Order Delivery, and Equipment Service 

The customer service software system for companies performing the field service.

Today, even small businesses need to do more than just sell products; therefore, it is not surprising that millions of different companies provide customer service.

To be successful, companies should:

  • Define the service-level agreement (SLA).
  • Be always available when customers need your help.
  • Automate business operations.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers companies that provide customer service software solutions that help to deliver consistent service. Remember that unmatched customer service starts with automation. Let our customer service solution to be your middleman; your employees will handle the rest.

Customer service software provided by Prism Visual Software is a complex package that includes desktop and mobile applications:

Prism Dispatch™

Prism Dispatch™ is the route map optimization software that enables companies to quickly and professionally make deliveries and services.


ServQuest™ is an electronic route book that has the ability to schedule customer servicing for both situations: recurring and emergency schedules.


Prism Visual Software’s MiniMate™ is a complete mobile customer service solution that provides everything your business needs to bring mobility to your customer service and keep it running smoothly without any transient error or fail. MiniMate™ is an inalienable component of the customer service solution that helps to increase employee productivity and improve customer service business results.

Web Customer

Websites designed by the Prism Visual Software's team are easily attached to client websites and functions as a portal to existing customers. The moment a customer enters his/her account, the company’s website connects the customer to new web pages, which look in the same way as the company's website but designed by Prism Visual Software.

Web Customer allows to:

  • reduce unnecessary customer phone calls
  • enhance client engagement online:
    • enables submitting new orders,
    • check the status of existing orders,
    • download the past invoices.

Order Connector

Our software suite is a complete enterprise platform for creating customer service business that can be simply integrated with backend enterprise systems and used accounting program.

Customer Service Software

Order Connector is a unique enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that creates a single process flow for all business activities and synchronizes the accounting software to our software solutions.

Each component is an individual accomplished solution; so, companies can select a full software package of customer service as well as its separate constituent. In other words, businesses are able to choose the most cost-effective solution for implementing their enterprise strategy.