Customer Relationship Management Software

Prism's customer relationship management (CRM) software system

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers a set of applications that are designed to help companies manage their customer, employee, and partner data and relationships and to give a clear view of the complete sales cycle. Our customer relationship management (CRM) software solution is able to help you to identify trends and see opportunities, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

To attract more customers, retain and delight them, you should grow your business as a customer-focused company.

Prism Visual Software’s customer relationship management software will help you to:

Prioritize your tasks.

Remember that the main key to better selling is knowledge which things are the most important for increasing your sales and growing your business. You should not spend a time on the trivial tasks; focus on the important things. Categorize your clients on the leads, customers and potential customers, and you will have a clear idea of the activities demanding your attention.

Automate your business processes.

Automating your business activities frees your employees and allows them to concentrate on the creating sales, closing deals and growing your customer relationships. Successful selling is not determined by expanded efforts; it is determined by results.

Manage your customer accounts.

You need both to monitor all your customers’ accounts and related to the contacts and to study your customers across their orders, locations, and preferences. To identify your sales opportunities and establish effective loyalty programs, track your customers' orders and purchases history.

Effectively follow up with sales.

Our call center allows your operators and sales representatives to log important customer calls and store them in the calendar. Our customer relationship management software solution also enables setting up the recurring events such as pre-order deliveries or service equipment by day, week, or month.

Accurately forecast your sales.

Our software for managing the customer relationship allows users to estimate the company’s revenue, establish sales quotas for your sales representatives, and identify the performance of your every individual worker and all team.

Contact your customers.

You should communicate with your customers via all possible facilities such as phone, email, chat, and social media to be up-to-date with your customer's interests.

Extend your customer relationship management software.

For creating customized business solutions, your customer relationship management software needs to be integrated with other your applications.

CRM software

If you are interested in the Prism Visual Software’s CRM software, contact our professional staff at 516-944-5920 or send us an e-mail.