Customer Relationship Management for Better Quality Service

Customer relationship management software developed for better service enables keeping the information about customers into a single database and automating workflow processes

Do you know what changes you need to make for delighting your customers every time they interact with you?

The Prism Visual Software’s customer relationship management (CRM) software can help to answer this question as it is a suite of applications used for managing and analyzing the clients' data and interactions with the purpose of improving company’s business relationships with clients, retain existing customers and receiving new ones, and sales growth.

Our client relationship management software is meant to meet the marketing, sales, and clients' service needs and allows companies to maintain all information about their clients in one centralized location that is accessible to their employees. With our comprehensive software solution developed for managing the relations with customers, you will be able to manage a large number of your clients, intensify each customer's value to your company, keep your good clients, and give your customers a better quality service.

All customer relationship management software functions can be divided into four main groups:

  • Marketing: run campaigns, generate leads, record follow-ups, form a database.
  • Sales: assign leads, quality leads, convert leads, track sales, track opportunity.
  • Orders: order process, tracking payments, produce invoices, delivery alerts.
  • Support: manage cases, conduct training, support tickets, provide service, develop the knowledge base.

Prism Visual Software’s software designed for managing business relationships with clients allows companies to track the clients' interests, needs, and buying habits as well as customer product use. That helps users of our customer relationship management solution to create their service strategy. Any improvement in client service contributes to long-term clients' satisfaction and improves customer relationships. As a result, buyers make repeat purchases and become the company’s regular clients.

Prism VS’s CRM software enables:

  • keeping the information about clients into a single database;
  • easy access to the real-time clients' information anytime; 
  • creating a single customer view; 
  • realizing the personal approach; 
  • supporting multi-channel communications; 
  • managing customer interactions; 
  • providing consistent customer experience; 
  • sharing information across the company's departments; 
  • automatical updating the clients' data; 
  • tracking every client individually; 
  • reducing the paperwork, phone calls, and manual processing; 
  • sending personalized customer messages;
  • creating full records all customer interactions fulfilled throughout various channels; 
  • automating workflow processes; 
  • tracking business performance.
Prism VS's CRM solutions
CRM software components

Any company from a small business to a huge corporation needs customer relationship management software because of:

  • makes it is easier to share the clients' information between the company's team
  • helps to find out the most profitable clients
  • enables companies to faster respond to inquiries
  • allows to confidently predict cash flow or products and services necessity
  • allows to track leads more efficiently
  • allows avoiding incorrect sales and losing potential sales opportunities
  • gives real-time accurate information and data
  • helps companies to develop their sales team and others.
If you want to increase your sales, you should improve business relations with your clients as such relations is one of the main components that help to achieve business success.