Create Marketing Maps with Sales Territory Mapping Software

Marketing Maps with Sales Territory

Would you like to increase the productivity of your sales teams? Define your customers’ specific needs, group customers, establish divisions, and provide sales by territories.

Sales territory mapping software is a great tool that helps to define sales territories and marketing maps of various kinds. This software solution has the power, speed, and flexibility that can support even the largest and most sophisticated field forces.

Some functionality the sales territory mapping software can provide:

  • built-in map templates; 
  • advanced sales territory design; 
  • tools to add color, shading, graphics, pictures, and patterns; 
  • creating maps that can link to diagrams and web pages; 
  • visual representation of the process flow diagrams; 
  • creating different types of diagrams and charts;
  • a visual summary of the company’s sales plans; 
  • creating strategic maps; 
  • support the multiple users of the sales territory map; 
  • built-in digital road network; 
  • estimating travel time and distance; 
  • communication between territory and account information; 
  • generating optimal schedules and activity zones within territories; 
  • reconcile business data with geographic mapping assignments; 
  • collecting critical business data; 
  • integration with already used tools such as Excel®, PowerPoint®, Microsoft Word®, and Outlook®; 
  • enterprise-level security; 
  • multiple languages.

Key benefits of using sales territory mapping software:

  • optimizing the sales process; 
  • focusing on sales efforts; 
  • visualizing the financial, sales team, and customer goals;
  • identifying the necessary parts of the organization and business process changes; 
  • developing and implementing personalized marketing plans; 
  • creating long-term plans of action designed to reach a particular business goal; 
  • getting more customers;
  • increasing customer satisfaction; 
  • improving the company's financial outlook; 
  • reduce costs spent on the business processes, including traveling to the sales areas.
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