Concrete Distribution

concrete distribution solutions


  • Scheduling and Visual Dispatching
  • Route Management and Fleet Tracking
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Centers
  • Inventory and Equipment Management
  • Barcode Scanning and Lot Control
  • Customer and Work Order Management
  • CRM and Price Management
  • Mobile App and Web Store
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing
  • Standard and Customized Reports
  • Collecting Data History
  • Integration with Accounting Software
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling and Tracking

    Define and separate job types: cement, concrete, foundation, etc. Efficiently schedule everything and immediately send changes to workers' mobile devices so your delivery teams will always know when and where to go. Track vehicle locations, distributors and delivery drivers work time, tasks progress, and work activity; know which jobs are stalling.

route management software Route Management

    Improve your fleet utilization and increase the productivity of the transportation of concrete through mix trucks. Accelerate your route planning process and easily create the most efficient delivery routes with multiple stops. Provide live tracking to reduce route inquiries, anticipate arrivals to destinations, and send alerts about delays to your customers.

concrete inventory Inventory Management

    Reduce inventory costs and wastes. Prevent over and low stock levels of the cement of various types, stones, sand, color oxides, and other materials needed for creating quality concrete. Know exactly where and in which physical quantity everything is at. Tag items with barcodes and monitor their movement in, out, and within warehouses.

order management Order Management

    Create multiple types of sales orders that fit your business. Plan and dispatch deliveries and support work processes in warehouses. Provide real-time information and easily track work order status at any time. Send customer alerts on changes in scheduled deliveries. Take under control everything from the moment of receiving a customer order through to performing the delivery. Be sure the support team knows details of orders and can assist the customers fully.

CRM Management Feature CRM and Pricing

    Group, classify and organize your customers. Advice customers on your concrete products based on the intended purpose. Always know which customers need your attention and on which leads you should focus. Accurately calculate costs and margins. Provide customer-specific pricing based on the type of purchased concrete, solitary order size, and frequency of repeated orders. Inform your clients about promotions and discounts.

Mobile app Mobility

    Work smartly by using advanced technologies. Start to use MiniMateTM mobile app, and you will improve communication with your field staff, give them access to real-time information, improve work order management, increase materials and delivery intelligence, get concrete deliveries and estimates signed directly at the customer door, and minimize the potential negative impact by controlling essential equipment use.

Web Solution Web Store

    Provide online with Web Store that can be easily added to your website. Secure accounts will keep your clients' information, order history, and payment transactions safe. Provide clients with concrete types, industry standards that base on functional considerations, show shades and colors you can alter concrete by adding color oxide, and demonstrate how the end products will look by attaching images.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Record of performed jobs at every phase of the process. Provide delivery reports with accurate data and time to know which delivery was fulfilled by which distributor and to which client. Keep all records and essential documents in one convenient and searchable place. Collect data history and use it to forecast future demands, prevent issues, and make versioned-driven business decisions.

Single ERP System Integration

    Automate everyday business processes and make sure nothing slips by your attention. Integrate your accounting system with Prism VS’s solutions orientated around managing the whole concrete distribution business to account for everything and control your finance. Prevent work replication and human errors. Increase productivity and invest more time in the business for new developments.

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