Computerized Maintenance Management System – CMMS

Computerized Maintenance Management System- CMMS

The computerized maintenance management system or in the abbreviated form CMMS is a package of computer programs designed to simplify the organization's maintenance management.

Before the active use of computers and computer programs, however, the maintenance data was recorded with a pencil and paper and stored in special journals. Because of such a labor-intensive manual process, the companies' maintenance was generally reactive, i.e. was performed in the case something went wrong. As to preventive maintenance, it was not common since manual tracking company's assets were not plain, moreover, it was unrealistic to manually calculate the preventive maintenance for each machine and compare its cost with the machine breakdown repair as well as to define which company's machines require preventive service any particular time, and which company's warehouse or storeroom contains the spare parts that are currently needed.

Undoubtedly, using computers and various computer programs gives organizations huge possibilities in organizing their companies' work processes and controlling and managing their business activities from A to Z, including maintenance management. Today, CMMS packages can be used by any company or organization that needs to perform maintenance of its equipment, assets, or property.

Certainly, the CMMS solutions cannot completely substitute skilled technicians that perform their maintenance work: from replacing the broken window to providing the generator inspection. How does the CMMS help technicians? First of all, CMMS packages give maintenance workers the possibility of hands-on maintenance and less on paperwork. CMMS software solutions help companies to schedule the planned and preventive maintenance activities and generate the prioritized work orders. After completing a work order, all necessary information, including the date when work was performed, inventory, expended hours, and others usually are loaded into the company's database for tracking and supporting future maintenance planning.

CMMS software is designed to give its users instant access to invaluable reports and, as a result, understanding their organizations' maintenance needs, moreover, it enables creating the comprehensive schedules of the work orders and even accurate inventory forecasts. 

These days, various CMMS products are offered on the software market by different software providers. Some CMMS are developed and focus on the individual industry (for example, the maintenance of health care facilities) or industry sectors (for instance, the maintenance of vehicle fleets). At the same time, other systems are more general and can be used by companies with different business specialization.

Computerized Maintenance Management System
The more sophisticated the offered CMMS package is, the more various analysis facilities it provides.

To know which computerized maintenance management system meets your business needs and is the best for your company, any business owner needs to make some research, and first of all, he/she needs to well know which tools are necessary for his/her company right now and which ones may be helpful in the soon feature.