Computerized Inventory Tracking System Provides a Wide Range of Advantages

Computerized inventory tracking system allows eliminating many problems.

Do you want to improve accuracy and increase the speed of your inventory procedures?

You are in the right place.

You can ask, “Why?” The answer is "because we can offer you the computerized inventory tracking system which power features allow not only your employees to spend less time on completing the physical inventory but receive immediate reports about the inventory status across all departments".

Barcoding makes the process of completing the physical inventory and tracking merchandise easy, fast, and accurate.

The main advantages of using Prism VS's computerized inventory tracking system:

  • easy setup and operation; 
  • integration with the most commonly used software systems, including Quickbooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and others; 
  • fast and easy completing the physical inventory by scanning the barcode; 
  • uncomplicated viewing of the real-time data; 
  • visibility across all warehouses and entire organization; 
  • elevates the efficiency of inventory management with real-time data and accurate reporting; 
  • automate the process of inventory finding, counting, measuring, and tracking; 
  • maintaining detailed historical inventory records; 
  • reduce operational costs.

Manual inventory tracking can lead to many problems, including:

  • loss of inventory; 
  • ineffective using of inventory;
  • decentralized inventory management; 
  • misplaced inventory items; 
  • disorganization in the warehouses;
  • increases the possibility of error and inaccurate physical counts of items; 
  • inaccurate analysis and poor making decisions; 
  • highly labor-intensive; 
  • increase the inventory carrying costs; 
  • security risks, and many others.

inventory tracking

A result of poor inventory control caused by not the up-to-date inventory tracking software system makes it impossible to use the massive growth opportunities that are available to organizations that implement an effective inventory tracking system. Do not lose the opportunity to improve your inventory management and you will not wait for a positive result for a long time.

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