Computerized Inventory Solutions Instead of the Manual Managing and Control

Use computerized programs of inventory managing and control to improve your business processes.

Inventory management and control are important for any organization specialized in sales goods or services regardless of its size. Making an inventory or, in other words, a list of stock and noting their location and value is the inalienable component of the successful business running.

There are two ways of performing inventory management and control:

  • computerized and 
  • manual.

Since computers have entered our life, software solutions help companies to maximize their productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Computerized inventory solutions include hardware and software tools that automate the process of inventory organizing, managing, tracking, and controlling. Therefore, more and more companies prefer to use desktop, mobile, and/or web inventory software solutions instead of fulfilling manual inventory management and control.

The main advantages of using computerized inventory solutions over manual managing and  control:

  • Time. Manual inventory control is highly labor-intensive. Such a method requires warehouse employees' continuous monitoring to be sure that each inventory transaction is counted and recorded and that products are maintained at the corresponding stocking levels. The computerized inventory solutions allow the time, which can be spent on monitoring inventory levels, to use on more productive business activities. 
  • Error. Manually counting inventory, updating records, and creating reports can result in an error because of miscounting the number of goods or forgetting to record some transactions, or simply miscount the number of goods. For one's turn, the automated inventory control system helps organizations to reduce the risk of errors. 
  • Reorder. Software inventory solutions indicate and send alerts when it is time to purchase the required items. If business owners, who practice manual inventory control, do not want to run out of stock on important items, they need to view their merchandise regularly. 
  • Paperwork. Inventory software eliminates paperwork. Mobile applications for mobile handheld devices such as tablets, smartphones, and others allow mobile workers to pick items from mobile devices without printed paperwork.
  • Barcoding. Using barcodes makes the whole inventory tracking process much easier as enables an efficient way to maintain a continuous check on inventory. With manual inventory control, the use of barcodes is not possible. 
  • Sharing. With manual inventory control, it is difficult to share inventory information throughout the business. In another hand, software computerized inventory solutions work using wireless technology to transmit real-time information to a central computer system anytime when transactions occur.

The automated solutions of inventory management and control are widely used in retail stores with a large number of items for sale, warehouses to track orders and shipments, manufacturing, field service, and other businesses. Our company develops software inventory solutions for companies performing route sales, deliveries, or equipment services. Today, we can offer our clients desktop packages and mobile applications that automate inventory control processes.

Main characteristics of Prism VS’s inventory software system:

  • automation – eliminates manual data entry and calculation;
  • automatic updating – excludes using out-of-date tools;
  • internet connection – sends and receives digital documents, regulates electronic transfers;
  • security – protects losing data and business secrets; 
  • scalability – accommodates more users, financial transactions, and business data; 
  • expandability – adds new capabilities to the inventory software system; 
  • interoperability – extracts business data from third-party software products; 
  • integrability – hosts data spread across separate databases in one location; 
  • mobility – provides access to a centralized database from anywhere; 
  • customization – meets the company's business needs.
inventory solutions

Beneficiaries of using Prism VS's inventory software:


Automating and streamlining processes across all departments.  


Eliminating the managing data in multiple, stand-alone systems. 


Right stock level, smarter purchasing decisions, automating manual tasks.

 Direct selling

Efficiently managing stock levels, positive cash flow, fast selling through multiple channels.

direct selling
 Route sales

Minimizing inventory costs, maximizing sales, making customers happier.

Route Sales

Increasing information transparency, improving delivery performance, 


Maintaining useful parts, saving time and money, keeping customers coming back.

 Equipment maintenance

Accurate planning, tracking parts, labor, and other non-inventory items.

Equipment maintenance
 Field service

Improving the accuracy of service orders, better-organized business activities. 

Field service
 Home care

Eliminating human errors, reduce labor expenses, improving provided service.

Home care service

Reducing lead times, optimizing goods value, decreasing stock-outs.


Tracking materials cost, achieving efficiency and productivity in manufacturing operations.


Centralized and integrated inventory management and control, eliminating "out of stock" situations.

 Auto Repair

Increasing employee efficiency, increasing clients' quantity, and customer loyalty.

Auto Repair