Computerized Accounting and Bookkeeping Software Solutions

Using computerized accounting systems gives companies many benefits.

Any company regardless of its size must do accounting with the purport to monitor the money that comes in and goes out of the company. The recording and analyzing financial transactions and dealing with payroll and taxes are the key accounting processes that help companies to define their business health and efficiency and increase their profitability.

The time of manual accounting, when bookkeepers were using a pen and paper to write everything out, stayed far behind. Since computers have entered our lives, their usage allows automating many not only mechanical processes like parts stamping, but highly-technical too. Today, computers and computerized solutions are widely used by large, middle, and small companies in all industries. The accounting and bookkeeping computer programs are one of the most popular and used as give organizations many advantages.

The key benefits of using computerized accounting and bookkeeping solutions:

  • Easily without repetitions entering data into the computer. 
  • Automatically calculating the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement. 
  • Easily transferring the data to accountants and auditors. 
  • Availability of the functions and tools that enable the performing of the financial analysis. 
  • The automatically printing in the professional format the financial statements, invoices, and other data for accountants to use or auditors to read.

There are two main types of accounting software:

  • On-premise accounting software – the traditional realization where companies buy an accounting program and run it on their servers or install on their computers. 
  • Cloud accounting software
    • Hosted accounting solution – the accounting program is hosted on the remote servers. An organization can own the program or rent it from the provider known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 
    • Web-based accounting solution – the accounting program to which users access over the Internet. Users do not need to buy, license, operate, manage the hardware, software and networking infrastructure.

There are many types of accounting software packages on the market. Some of them are designed to perform the accounting functions for large corporations, others – to perform the accounting functions suited to small businesses. Each particular company needs to make a decision on which accounting solution best meets its specific needs and industry requirements.

two main types of accounting computerized systems

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