Dispatch Software for Tracking Activities of the Mobile Personnel

Prism Visual Software offers the unique computer aided dispatch system

Any company performing field service or delivery sold or pre-ordered products needs to have a well-organized dispatch center that provides fast and professional managing and monitoring the company’s services technicians and delivery drivers. In addition to the dispatchers’ professionalism, the quality of the dispatch centers' work depends on their equipment. Nowadays, more and more organizations start to use different computer programs developed for the uninterrupted dispatch center functioning.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. specializes in developing various software solutions for organizations performing route sales, pre-order, delivery, or equipment service. Along with our route accounting software system and other computer programs, we offer our current and potential clients specifically designed computer-aided dispatch software. Our dispatch software system – Prism Dispatch™ – can be used by companies alone as well as with the ServQuest™ route management software system to which Prism Dispatch™ is included.

Our ServQuest™ comprehensive desktop software package provides a single integrated system that enables operators, dispatchers, and managers to immediately share information and eliminate the logging into and managing multiple software systems. In addition, via our MiniMate™ mobile application, any added information can be immediately used by mobile personnel to perform their job with or without the Internet connection.

Provided by us the inbound and outbound call centers software is also an integral part of the ServQuest™ package. Our developers have designed the inbound call center in order to receive and handle inbound telephone calls and requests for products, services, technical support, sales, account assistance, and other inquiries, initiated by the company's customers. As to the outbound call center, it is designed for operators to make the scheduled outbound phone calls to the company's clients for updating the contact list, surveys, or verification services.

Our dispatch software is a unique system that allows companies to:

  • easy plan their personnel day’s work, 
  • adjust the schedule as it is needed, 
  • simply and quickly include emergency tickets, 
  • equip mobile workers with all the needed information. 

In addition, our computer-aided dispatch system can be easily customized to the clients’ specific needs and is integrated via specially developed by our team the Order Connector with the various accounting software systems, including AccountMate, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, and QuickBooks.

This is only a short description of the computer-aided dispatch center, if you want to know more about our system, contact us and, we will give you full information about the software product offered by Prism VS.

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