Prism VS’s Trucking Software (5 Components of the System)

Components of the Prism VS trucking software system

Are you looking for software solutions for your trucking company?

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Prism Visual Software, Inc. is an acknowledged software provider with reach history and excellent reputation. Desktop, mobile, and web software products developed by our professional team are well known and used not only in the USA but overseas too.

Among our numerous customers, we have companies from different industries and businesses. We have reached such popularity because every our application is a complex software solution providing powerful functionality. Today, we can offer trucking companies our software system that includes five components.

5 Components of the trucking software system developed by our team:

#1. ServQuest™ – a complex multifunctional desktop software package providing all features necessary for performing effective route management. ServQuest™ is designed as an electronic route book that gives users the ability to schedule deliveries for current, recurring, and emergency orders. It provides a delivery profile for every customer location, supports delivery drivers, troubleshoots potential equipment problems, and enables providing excellent customer service with or without automated scheduling. The inbound and outbound call centers, included in the ServQuest™ package, are designed to receive and handle requests for delivery service, technical support, account assistance, other customer inquiries, and outbound telephone calls for contact list updating, surveys, specification, or verification of the delivery service correspondingly.

#2. Prism Dispatch™ – a powerful desktop software package providing all features necessary for performing the route map optimization and effective dispatching. The delivery routes optimization, defining particularities of the routes and delivery timing, and balancing workloads with the skill-based assignments allow increasing the productivity of every truck driver. Automatically assigning work orders to the dispatch board during the generating work orders process gives the time-saving way to dispatch truck drivers.

#3. MiniMate™ – a unique mobile application with powerful functionality that includes supporting the standalone database, barcodes reading, collecting signatures and payments, automatically receiving schedule updates, sending invoices, tracking drivers’ location and work time, automatically calculating promotions and discounts, and many other operations.

#4. Web Bill Pay – the web software that enables viewing, managing, and paying invoices by customers at their convenience and saves the labor time spent obtaining credit card payments.

#5. Order Connector – a unique ERP software solution that enables easy connection Prism’s applications between themselves and with Google Maps and the most popular accounting software systems such as SAP, Sage, MiniMate, QuickBooks, and other.

Components of the trucking software system developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc.