Prism Visual Software, Inc. - Software Design Company

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a software design company located in Port Washington, NY. Prism Visual Software provides different industries, particularly delivery and service companies, with the quality desktop and mobile solutions. Lorraine Keating, the owner of the company, is a system analyst with the master's degree (MBA) in business software design.  She has the extensive experience in the routing business and the expertise in understanding of this business needs. Therefore, Prism Visual Software's developers create high-quality software products that are easy to use and bug-free.

Prism Visual Software’s routing solutions
Our marketing, sales, and support specialists strive for the consistent contact with our customers to provide an individualized and first-class service for transition to Prism Visual Software’s routing software solutions in the easy and desirable way. Our customers can be sure that the Prism Visual Software's team is available anytime when they need us. We pride our products and customer support qualities.