CMMS for Maintenance Management (7 Types of Maintenance)

Prism Visual Software's CMMS System for Maintenance Management

Prism Visual Software’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software solution specially designed to simplify the management of maintenance via:

  • correctly defining the prioritized tasks and
  • ensuring everything needed for fulfilling those tasks, including, labor and inventory.

Prism VS’s maintenance management software system can be used for:

1. Predictive maintenance – is designed to help define the condition of in-service machines and equipment with the purpose to predict when service should. This maintenance allows the scheduling of corrective maintenance and preventing unexpected failures of machines and equipment.

2. Periodic maintenance – the time-based maintenance that usually consists of a series of tasks 

3. Preventive maintenance – systematic inspection, monitoring, and expertise and, in the case of detecting some incipient failures, even before they occur, the correction of those failures before developing them into major defects. This maintenance is carried out even if it is not any symptom of having problems. 

4. Asset maintenance – consists of sustaining assets in the condition necessary for the expected exploitation level. 

5. Operational maintenance – inspecting and servicing such as cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting, as required to preserve the machine, equipment, or asset. This maintenance is performed by equipment operators and does not require to have high technical skills and allows release engineers and technicians for more complicated work. 

6. Corrective maintenance – detecting, isolating, and correcting defects of the machine or equipment and restoring them to the operational condition. In other words, this is maintenance that is carried out after detecting an anomaly and is aimed at restoring equipment and machines to a condition in which they can perform their functions. 

7. Legal maintenance – is required for some equipment that subjects to Government regulations and rules. To this type of maintenance are subjected the fire prevention facilities, vehicles, installation of high and medium voltage, devices under pressure, storage tanks of toxic chemicals, and others.

Prism Visual Software’s CMMS system is helpful for CEOs, managers, and maintenance personnel as allows:

  • CEOs
    • be informed about assets and equipment status; 
    • make informed business decisions. 
  • Managers:
    • monitor assets and equipment across the entire organization; 
    • organize maintenance across multiple locations; 
    • manage inventory located in multiple warehouses; 
    • schedule the periodic equipment maintenance; 
    • generate urgent work orders on the inbound "trouble" calls; 
    • create work tasks and define the methods of work accomplishment; 
    • eliminate manually planning maintenance personnel work days; 
    • communicate the maintenance work throughout the organization; 
    • easily track the fulfillment of the work orders from start to finish; 
    • collect the feedback information for analysis. 
  • Maintenance personnel (engineers, technicians, operators, and others)
    • be equipped with instructions, contact information, and maintain work history; 
    • do not focus on the paperwork;
    • spend work time on performing the maintenance work; 
    • work anywhere anytime through the MiniMate™ mobility solutions.
Prism VS's CMMS software system can be used for different types of maintenance