CMMS Software for Reducing Costs and Improving Performance

Reduce your costs by using the CMMS software system.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. specializes in designing and developing software solutions for organizations performing route sales, delivering pre-ordered goods, and equipment service. Today, along with other software products we offer our current and potential clients developed by our professional software team the ServQuest™ computerized maintenance management system - CMMS - designed to help companies simplify their maintenance management and to facilitate maintenance requirements. Our CMMS software enables storing all maintenance data on the computer and, as a result, makes keeping track of maintenance operations much easier. Pulling together all necessary features and capabilities makes our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) complex and comprehensive. As a result, our CMMS software allows technicians to focus less on routine paperwork and more on hands-on maintenance.

Our ServQuest™ CMMS software enables managing different tasks, including:

  • Inventory: automatic item identification and data collection via a barcode reader; inventory and warehouse managing; inventory levels control; supporting multiple inventory processes, including moving items between warehouses; tracking each item cost, quantities, and location; and more. 
  • Purchase orders: automating purchasing process - instantly creating and sharing purchase orders, purchase order requests, centralized request tracking and spend management, powerful customization, automated status updating, and more. 
  • Scheduling: a clear view of all resources; generating daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tickets; easily adding emergency changes in schedules, and more.  
  • Preventative maintenance: automating the equipment maintenance schedule, optimizing assigning and closing work orders, including emergency, and more. 
  • Work orders: work order management: creating work orders, tracking work order status and employees' work time, generating emergency tickets, and more.   
  • And more.

The key benefits offered by our ServQuest™ CMMS software:

  • Prism’s CMMS software provides users with several key benefits, including reducing business costs that is one of the most important things for companies. When planning with our CMMS package and performing the preventive and regular maintenance, the most important equipment and its parts will remain on top of work orders at all times. Moreover, offered by us the computerized maintenance management system allows organizations performing equipment service to prevent unexpected repairs and decrease operational downtime.
  • Improving engineers' and maintenance technicians' performance is another important advantage of using developed by our professional team the CMMS software solutions. Our CMMS software system enables creating work orders by prioritizing the maintenance tasks. As a result, the daily work schedule is optimized, and errors and faulty operations are minimized. Furthermore, gathering the necessary information and handling by our CMMS software system many administrative tasks allows engineers and maintenance staff to focus on their main job duties.
  • Our CMMS software system provides users with a view of their operations in an instant. The latest up-to-date inventory levels, equipment planned and preventive repairs, and a multiplicity of other helpful information, including a variety of reports that can be shared with other departments within the organization are available in one click.
  • Developed by us CMMS system allows planning and prioritizing maintenance on a pre-arranged day and time.
  • Easy customization to the organization's business needs.
CMMS software system.

Our computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) system can be used for different types of maintenance, including predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, asset maintenance, periodic maintenance, operational maintenance, corrective maintenance, and legal maintenance. For more information about each of these types of maintenance, see seven types of maintenance.