Choose the Right Software to Control Your Inventory

Choose the Right Inventory Tracking Software System

Do you want to increase your business efficiency, retain your current clients, and grow your customer base? Have you ever thought that you can do that by improving your inventory management and control? Do you know that consistent mistakes in inventory management can cost your customers? Do you know that such challenges can be solved with the right inventory tracking software?

Before making a purchase of any inventory tracking software, you should know what software features are important for your business.
  • If you operate with a big amount of goods, especially similar ones, you need the Product Categorization feature.
  • If you want your commodity is tracked on every step from the sale to delivery, you need the Sales/Purchase Orders' feature that provides automatically adjusting the inventory level after any change in its amount.
  • The Barcode feature enables inventory tracking via electronic identification and is especially vital if you sell a lot of products. Using Barcoding your operators or sales staff will work effectively as this function allows quickly and efficiently identify items that are sold, received, or transferred.
  • Real-Time Inventory Valuation is an especially valuable for any business as gives full information about their products such as out-of-stock, ordered, sold and delivered items, allows planning business process and purchasing materials at the right time, enables delivering ordered goods to customers on the time, and more.
  • If your company operates with different vendors, the Managing Multiple Suppliers feature will help you to save a lot of time as provides automatically place all suppliers into a single, easy to access location, tracks, and stores all information about suppliers derived from different sources.
  • Multi-Location Inventory Tracking feature is necessary if your company has multiple warehouses or/and stores as in this case you will be able to monitor inventory levels in each of your locations as well as analyze sales, reserve, and quantities by each location.
  • Typically, when creating a sales order or/and purchase order any company generates a specific serial number for a product that is retained at least until a customer receives an ordered item. So, the Serial Number Inventory Tracking feature can be helpful for any company providing products or service sales.

Summing up all above, we can add that in addition to significant features for your business, you need to know what challenges your business has: inefficient operations, low productivity, not controlled costs, consistently wrong data, too little or too much inventory in stock, not right or lack of forecasting, or other. Knowing answers to those two questions helps you to choose the inventory managing software that is right for your business and that helps your company to provide your customers with a more efficient experience.