Choose the Optimal Route Planner

Planning routes for a fleet especially for a fleet with different types of vehicles is not an easy task. An exception can be a very small company that performs delivery to few clients. If an organization ships to hundreds of customers every day located in different areas, towns, cities, and states creating an optimal daily plan for every vehicle and every delivery driver is pretty much impossible without software that automates the route planning process.

We already talk about how the optimal route planner can effect on your business. To achieve the better results in the short time, you should start to use the route planner software that the best meet your operational needs and therefore, can improve planning productivity.

To receive the best and fast return on investment in the route planner, check:

  • level of algorithm сomplexity, 
  • optimization capabilities, 
  • driver routing and vehicle tracking functionality,
  • integration with mobile software to collect data.

The optimal route planner improves company's effectiveness and comes down expenses.

The optimal route planner provides a wide range of powerful features:

  • optimizing routes with multiple stops based on different criteria: minimizing distance, minimizing driving time, balancing distance and driving time; 
  • reloading and updating saved routes; 
  • importing contacts and addresses from CRM software systems; 
  • visualizing the contact and location data on the map; 
  • providing different map views; 
  • setting service time for each location; 
  • adding manual changes in created routes; 
  • planning multiple routes at once; 
  • defining the optimal number of optimized routes to visit all selected locations; 
  • export created routes to drivers’ mobile devices; 
  • getting instant GPS directions; 
  • integrating with Google Maps or Bing Maps; 
  • live tracking vehicle location; 
  • recording and monitoring drivers work hours; 
  • collecting the past drivers' activities; 
  • enhanced reporting of current and historical data; 
  • advanced data search and filtering, and more.

Automation and optimization the route planning process enable companies to save money in the office as well as on the road.