Change Your Business Model with Sales Route Planner

Are you not satisfied with the size of your sales in the field?

It is a time to change your business model with Prism Visual Software’s sales route planner:

Prism Visual Software’s sales route planner
  • Collect and organize data. The ServQuest™ route management software provides tools needed to collect consistent customer, vendor, and business data from the multiple channels and organize collected data in the easy to use and understand way. 
  • Improve your brand visibility. Make sure that your brand is looking the best. Ease of navigation the Prism’s Web Store allows browsing products with multiple images and descriptions and helps for the higher conversion of sales. 
  • Visit more customers. The powerful Prism Mapping Suite package is integrated with ServQuestTM. You only need to send work tickets to the map; our route optimization software solution will automatically create the most cost-effective routes (by shortest distance and time windows) and utilize the broad range of mapping activities. The sales route planner allows cutting up to 25% of miles driven to customer locations, so for the same work-time, your drivers can visit and meet more clientage. 
  • Dispatch your sales personnel working in the field. Prism Dispatch™ visual dispatching software makes it easy to plan the day’s work, adjust the schedule as needed, easily include emergency tickets and provide with the turn-to-turn driving instruction. 
  • Monitor your route sales representatives. The MiniMate™ mobile application enables the live feed of vehicle activity, checking the location on the route, tracking route sales representatives' work time, mileage on the job, and completed deals in the field. 
  • Be in touch with route sales representatives. With the MiniMate™, mobile application route sales representatives working in the field can access their schedules, instructions and needed information on the go, receive the last-minute changes in the route, and stay in touch with real-time messaging. 
  • Increase route sales. Driving by the optimized routes allows sales representatives to meet more customers and close more deals in the field. With the MiniMate™ mobile application, customer account details and history are accessible any time from anywhere. Your sales team can even search for new sales opportunities in close areas by while on the go.
  • Get the overview. Powered by Bing Maps, the Prism Mapping Suite allows seeing on the map all customers represented by green dots. Hovering on the green dot gives a view of the basic customer information, including the last invoice.
  • Analyze the results of the company’s business activity. Any economic activity of the company needs to be analyzed. Our route sales planer allows to playback any route from previous days to review, check and analyze the work progress. Analyzing reports of the current and historical data will help you to reach sales goals by focusing work on important customers. Analyzing reports of the current and historical data will help you to reach sales goals by focusing work on important customers and find new opportunities to increase profit.

Decide the way your company works!