Prism's Collection Call Center

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Prism’s collection call center displays customers with delinquent balances and enables users to establish for themselves the exact criteria that determine when a customer is delinquent and in need of a collection phone call. 

Prism Visual Software Collection Calling Center

It is best when Prism’s collection call center is correlated with MiniMate, Prism’s handheld solution

Equipped with MiniMate linked to the collection call center data, drivers are in a position to remind delinquent customers that they need to pay up.  Handhelds show customers’ accounts in a state of “alert” that flash in red.  Drivers can also print statements at the customers’ locations and bring outstanding amounts to the immediate attention of the customers.


According to our customers’ feedback, when desktop collection centers are linked with handheld collection functionality, the collection of outstanding debt in the field increases at least by 60% each day.  This kind of collection success is impressive because companies have an estimated average of 90% of outstanding daily monies.  When the owed amount is reduced by an average of 40%, companies experience a tremendous increase in cashflow and thus an increase in revenues collected.

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