Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Center Software Solution 

Prism's call center software helps to improve your business

Prism Visual Software, Inc. provides its customers with a simple to use, but foolproof inbound and outbound call center software that is specially designed for providing more personalized service and quickening sales productivity.

Inbound and outbound call centers provided by our company is included to ServQuest™, our desktop route accounting software package, or in other words, to our electronic route book that is used by our customers for scheduling their services to customers.

Our inbound call center is designed to receive and handle requests, inbound telephone calls, initiated by customers. The inbound call can be a request for products, services, technical support, sales, account assistance and other inquiries made by your sales and office managers.

Our outbound call center is designed to make the call center operators’ scheduled outbound telephone calls to customers for contact list updating, surveys or verification services.

Call center system offered by our company enables our clients' contact centers to work more rationally and increase the quality of every interaction with their customers, and, as a result, helps to create new paths to their profit and ensure ongoing growth and improvement of their customer-oriented business. Using our customer relationship management (CRM) contact centers, one of the key features of ServQuest™ - the unique route management solution, call center operators are able not only to contact with customers, but generate the service work orders too, and as a result, to support company’s sales, service, and delivery.

The contact center and its management is an integral part of the work of any company engaged in the sale and delivery of goods and services. Prism Visual Software’s inbound and outbound call centers have been designing based on the modern software technologies to meet such companies’ needs and requirements for the sole purpose – to make their work as easy as possible.

That is why our call center software is a part of the route management solution ServQuest™ that has received recognition and approval between our customers because allows users not only to manage their call centers but also to:

  • generate service work orders,
  • check inventory,
  • track equipment,
  • dispatch technicians, and
  • communicate wirelessly with the desktop dispatcher.

Call center software

Combining your forecasts with the scheduled outbound calls and call center scheduling allows users of our call center software to get staffing right without going over that helps to avoid overtime paying and save additional money.

Contact center software

Chose the Prism Visual Software’s ServQuest™, and our inbound call center and outbound call center software will help you to:

  • increase your sales,
  • retain your current customers,
  • receive new customers, and
  • create loyalty to your brand.

Moreover, it will enable to keep your operators happy through the best call center management which in turn can improve their attentiveness and performance.

To have more information about inbound and outbound call center solution provided by Prism Visual Software, Inc., contact us at 516-944-5920 or send e-mail.

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