Build Your Customers with Sales Contact Database and Management Software

Sales Contact Management

If you are an owner of an efficiency-minded company, sales contact management software is a perfect tool for you as helps to collect, manage, and engage more customers.

Benefits provided by sales contact management software:

  • helps to organize the contact management process effectively;
  • prevent from losing the attention of existing relationships; 
  • lets tracking any business relationship with: 
    • business partners, 
    • affiliates, 
    • in-house staff, 
    • freelancers and subcontractors, 
    • vendors and suppliers, 
    • customers, and others;
  • monitors how every new relationship is advancing; 
  • detects duplicate contacts; 
  • gives you the complete pictures of contacts; 
  • sends, tracks, and saves emails; 
  • enable quick access to any contact; 
  • captures links between contacts and business relationships; 
  • converts company’s website traffic into new business opportunities; 
  • enables import thousands of contacts in a few steps; 
  • integrates with Gmail and Outlook; 
  • provides a mobile application to work from anywhere; 
  • enhances the usefulness of the contact list by building links to other records: 
    • projects, 
    • tasks, 
    • sales opportunities, 
    • organizations, and others; 
email management

  • scours the web for other social profiles: 
    • LinkedIn, 
    • Facebook,
    • Twitter, and other popular social networks; 
  • helps to capture more leads;
  • allows to define the most important contacts and relationships; 
  • provides convenient filters for contact records;
  • ensures full relationship history: 
    • sent correspondence, 
    • delivered marketing campaigns, 
    • overdue payments, 
    • unpaid invoices, and others.