Bring Your DSD Sales to the Next Level

 DSD sales software

DSD (direct store delivery) is an alternative to a centralized distribution that allows retailers to reduce operating costs. Saving time and money via sidestepping the distribution centers and greater control over inventory makes DSD sales more and more popular. Today, DSD sales are most popular in the food and beverage industry, where a top priority is minimizing supply chain time in the interest of food freshness.

Certainly, these days, to improve DSD sales business companies even small ones use the software. Our company specializes in developing DSD software solutions and can offer today a wide range of applications: desktop, web, and mobile.

Prism VS’s DSD sales software helps companies to:

  • errors in documents because of automatic data entering;
  • returns via timely delivering the right goods to the right customers; 
  • a number of car accidents on the route by providing them with turn-to-turn driving instructions and tracking driving time and vehicle location; 
  • business costs: 
    • fuel via optimizing delivery routes, 
    • vehicle repair via reducing mileage,
    • inventory via supporting the right level and eliminating excess payments; 
    • labor payments via eliminating overtime; 
    • insurance via decreasing the number of car accidents; 
    • phone calls to the office via using MiniMate™ mobile application
    • downtime via creating an optimized schedule; 
    • belated deliveries via controlling preferred time of delivery. 
  • customer satisfaction by delivering purchased goods timely; 
  • a number of permanent clients via increasing customer satisfaction; 
  • office employees’ productivity by automating most office activities; 
sales dsd software
  • mobile employees’ performance by providing them with the MiniMate™ mobile application with powerful functionality and driving instruction for optimized delivery routes; 
  • deliveries and a number of served customers by reducing the driving time; 
  • inventory control by using a barcode system and barcode scanning provided by the MiniMate™ mobile app; 
  • DSD sales representatives safety by providing them with turn-to-turn driving instructions and monitoring driving time and vehicle location; 
  • DSD sales by enhancing sales representatives productivity; 
  • company’s recognition via performing the high-quality service; 
  • company’s revenue via raising DSD sales and reducing business costs.