Bread and Bakery Distribution

Bread Distribution Computerized Solutions


  • Delivery Scheduling and Workday Planning
  • Visual Dispatching and Route Optimization
  • Automating Purchases from Vendors
  • Bread Inventory Management
  • Inventory Replenishment and Traceability
  • Mobile Bread Inventory Counts
  • PCI Compliant System and Web Bill Pay
  • Contract Specific Bread Pricing
  • Mobile Android Application
  • Collecting CC Payments and Signatures
  • Market Calculation and Auto-Generated Alerts
  • Data History and Customized Reporting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Simplify the scheduling process with an effective software tool that can organize even the most sophisticated work order and route schedule. Take into account that bread usage is constant, and the delivery interval is strictly determined, the shortage is not accepted, and safety stock should be maintained. Balance customer orders and your purchases with real-time inventory data to deliver on customer demands.

dispatching  feature Dispatching and Tracking

    Help your dispatchers to handle ongoing tasks, guide drivers, and ensure that your customers' satisfaction is met. Assigning routes and tasks in automatic or manual mode, providing drivers with turn-by-turn directions, dispatching, and tracking drivers’ locations and time in real-time are real now. Take full control of the whole process from scheduling to delivery with Prism DispatchTM and MiniMateTM Android application.

route management software Route Management

    Cut route costs and increase sales opportunities with the route optimization feature. Prism DispatchTM is built to automatically create optimized routes based on the combination of the determined constraints such as delimit zones, delivery time windows, stops on the itineraries, drivers' availability, and fleet capacity. Maximize the efficiency of your drivers and minimize the risks of not-timely delivery of bread to customers.

bread inventory management Inventory Management

    Eliminate unfortunate situations when too many bread products are in the residue, or empty bread trays result in lost sales opportunities. Define a minimum stock level that will activate a purchase order whenever bread and bakery products drop below the re-order level to guarantee you never run out of those amounts. Reduce risks in bread and bakery food quality and expiration date with the traceability best practices. Obtain the right inventory level and maximize profit by decreasing unavoidable bread storage and disposal costs.

CRM Management Feature CRM Management

    Concentrate on relationships with your clients; contact customers in person, by phone, online, and over email. Understand what captures the interest of your customers: special pricing, discounts, trade promotions, permanent or periodic deliveries, a flexible payment plan, or something else and determine the best timing for launching a new initiative. Collect decisive customer data and use it to segment clients into groups to better cater to them. Perform a multipurpose approach to managing clients' interactions with your company.

Mobile app Mobility

    Understanding competition in the bread distribution industry and delivery costs have allowed Prism VS to develop a mobile software solution unique to the bread distribution industry. Take benefits from the MiniMateTM mobile app and guide your countless daily tasks to go smoothly. Standalone database, barcode reading, Bing Maps, collecting payments, capturing signatures, reporting, access to the real-time data, creating invoices, and loading them into the accounting system are only a shortlist of the main features provided by the MiniMateTM.

call center feature Call Center

    Communication is key to every successful operation. Keep your company running toward its goals with Prism VS’s call center. A call center integrated into the CRM module enables working within one software system and having immediate access to call context. Use real-time feedback to understand how to strengthen your employees' skills, improve the customer’s experience, and become more effective in the bread and bakery distribution industry.

customized reporting feature Customized Reporting

    Take wise business decisions based on relevant and extensive information. An in-depth analysis of the company's running is only possible by taking into account all aspects of the bread and bakery distribution business; use reports and data history to reveal implications of every action and to plan for the years ahead. Robust reports and dashboards with customization options give everything you need to analyze and make smart business decisions.

Single ERP System ERP System

    The profitability of bread and bakery distribution and such products route sales requires effective delivery processes and continuous tight inventory control. Optimize your business activity and improve its control by building a single ERP software system that covers every step of the business process from customer order to result in monitoring and analysis and, at the same time, gives a full picture of the business condition.

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