Bottled Water Distribution

bottled water distribution software


  • Work Planning and Delivery Scheduling
  • Visual Dispatching and Estimated Order Delivery
  • Route Optimization and Bing Maps
  • Drag and Drop Menu Selection
  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Traceability and Replenishment
  • Barcoding and Lot Control
  • Web Order Integrating and Web Bill Pay
  • Automatic Reminders and Checklists
  • Customer Specific Bottled Water Pricing
  • MiniMateTM Mobile App and CRM Solution
  • AutoPay Payment Collection
  • Data History and Customized Reporting
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Software Overview

order management feature Order Management

    Set your order management process to maximum efficiency. No more costs on repeat sales, missed orders, payment errors, and delivery issues. Use customers' order history to instantly copy details of previous orders to create a new order with a mouse click. Balance your purchases, customer orders, and inventory with real-time data, and you will always deliver bottled water on customer demands.

route management software Route Management

    Maximize drivers’ effectiveness and mitigate the risks of not-timely deliveries with effective workday planning and itineraries optimization. Establish customer preferences of pickup time, shipment place, distance to customer location, stops on the route, and get automatically calculated anticipated delivery. Use visual dispatching and provide drivers with turn-by-turn directions.

CRM Management Feature CRM Management

    Quickly search in your data for existing customers based on any detail or add new clients easily on-the-fly. Reach customers in person, by phone, online, email, and through the call center. Use customized prints and email templates to save time. Provide personalized pricing and perform a multipurpose approach in managing customers' interactions with your company.

inventory control feature Inventory Control

    Keep data-entry consistent and accessible with customizable wizards. With automatic checks, no detail is overlooked that helps to avoid costly mistakes. Quick-access customizable reports enable full control over inventory level and location. Tag water bottles with barcodes and easily monitor inventory from the label creating to delivery items to customers.

Mobile app Mobility

    Make your bottled water distribution business mobile and have access to your real-time data anytime from anywhere. Cutting-edge features of the MiniMateTM mobile app – stand-alone database, barcoding, collecting payments, lightning-fast printing, Bing Maps, reporting, and others – give sales representatives and drivers the ability to perform their job qualitatively with full control.

online sales  Web Store

    Allow your customers to make orders 24/7 through the Web Store that can be added to your existing website without additional software installations. Online orders submitted through Web Store are passing instantly with all details (date, time, items, payment, preferred time of delivery, and more) into a single order management system and seamlessly processing.

Payments Processing feature Payment Processing

    Reduce the time you spend managing payments and accounts receivable. Integrating the newest technologies with an innovative platform enables modernization of the payment processing: auto-pay schedules, auto-generated alerts, ACH payments, electronic transfers, PCI Compliance, and more.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Control every aspect of your bottled water distribution operations. With automatic checks, no detail is overlooked that helps to avoid costly mistakes. Sort, filter, and group results by details, maintain full records and historical data. Quickly get and share with customers and suppliers the data they need.

Single ERP System Integration

    Eliminate the need for re-entering data to your accounting system by creating a single ERP software system via integrating your accounting software with the ServQuestTM desktop package. The integrated accounting system allows automatically receiving and transmitting a constant data flow across your financial operations.

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